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1745 Abbeville – c.1807 Paris


Le Contretemps [At the Wrong Moment] - 1786


Etching with engraving after Nicolas Lavreince (Swedish, 1737-1807). Size: 37 x 27.2 cm. Lettered: ‘Peint a la Gouache par Lavreince/Le Contretemps./Gravé par Dequevauviller/Gravé d’aprés le Dessein Original de meme grandeur./A Paris chez Dequevauviller, Rue St.Hyacinthe No.11.’


Portalis-Beraldi, 1:3; Bocher 15 (III/VI); IFF 7:67; Lawrence & Dighton 45 (III/VI); Le Blanc 4.


Very fine and fresh impression of the third state on laid watermarked paper, trimmed into platemarks. The sheet is in excellent condition.


Comparative impressions: Wellcome Collection – 15864i, National Gallery of Art – 1942.9.2403.



François Dequevauviller after Lavreince: Le Contretemps

  • Pendant to L’Indiscret after Borel. The prints were advertised in Journal de Paris on October 8, 1786.

    A gentleman pays an unexpected call on a lady friend only to discover she is in the middle of having an enema. Quite a naughty scene, but with lots of lovely interior details.

    Dequevauviller mostly known for the engravings representing scenes gallants and small genre scenes which were highly fashionable in France at the time.


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