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1691 Orleans – 1762 Paris


La Boutique du Maréchal - 1736


Etching and engraving after Philips Wouwerman (Dutch, 1619-1668). Size of sheet: 40.2 x 50.7 cm. Numbered on plate; lettered with names of producers, publication address: 'A Paris chez Moyreau rue Gallande vis a vis S. Blaise', date, title, and inscription giving the provenance of the original painting.


Le Blanc 44-132; Nagler IX:32; De Groot II:125.


Provenance: Collector’s mark (not in Lugt).


Very fine richly inked impression on heavy laid paper. There is a small, repaired tear in the lower edge of paper, otherwise the print is in excellent condition.


Comparative impressions: British Museum – 1871,1209.653.



Jean Moyreau after Wouwerman: La Boutique du Maréchal

  • Plate 21 from the series ‘Oeuvres de Philippe Wouwermens Hollandois’ comprising 89 plates.

    In the 18th century, Flemish and Dutch art was the subject of a real craze among some French amateurs and collectors. Undoubtably, paintings by 17th century artists like Philips Wouwerman, Adrian van de Velde, and others were influential in developing French taste fortes galantes. One of the most renowned collections of paintings by Flemish and Dutch artists belonged to the Comtesse de Verrue (1670-1736). The most sought-after works by Philips Wouwerman, a specialist in equestrian paintings, were engraved by Jean Moyreau starting from 1733 and published in the series “Oeuvre de Ph.Wouwermens…” in 1736. The present print is after Wouwerman’s painting Cavaliers in front of the hill smithy, now in The Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden ( 1426).

  • Hofstede de Groot, Catalogue of Dutch Painters, Vol.II, 1909;

    Olivia Savatier, Scènes de convivialité et d’amour dans l’art flamand et hollandais:réflexions sur les sources des peintres de fêtes galantes in Catalogue d'exposition Dansez, embrassez qui vous voudrez, au musée Louvre Lens, 2015.

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