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Louis-Marin BONNET

(1736 – Paris – 1793)


Tête de vieillard [Head of an old man] – 1765


Crayon manner, printed in red, black and white.

Size of sheet: 24 x 12.2 cm.


Herold 61 (ill.fig.16).


Provenance: with Arsène Bonafous Murat where acquired 1996;

Private Norwegian Collector. 


Extremely rare example of early colour printing by Bonnet.

Louis-Marin Bonnet: Tête de vieillard [Head of an old man]

  • In 1765 Bonnet was invited to the court of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. It was in Russia that Bonnet executed the present print (see Herold, p.12). It is after his own design. The man on the print is probably the portrait of a Russian peasant.

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