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Paul César HELLEU

(1859 Vannes – 1927 Paris)


Elégante à la veste de fourrure [Elegant woman in fur coat] - 1896


Drypoint. Signed in pencil. Edition of 80. With full margins. Framed.

Size of sheet: 48.2 x 37 cm.


With full margins, in good condition apart from several small tears skilfully backed by Japan.





Paul César Helleu: Elégante à la veste de fourrure

  • Paul César Helleu was one of the leading artists of the Belle Époque with his elegant portraits of beautiful women. Helleu's career took off when he caught the attention of the art dealer Georges Petit, who introduced him to wealthy patrons and secured prestigious commissions for him. He became known for his exquisite portraits, which captured the grace and sophistication of his subjects with remarkable finesse. His clientele included many notable figures of his time, including members of European royalty, aristocrats, and celebrities.

    One of Helleu's most famous techniques was his use of drypoint etching, a printmaking method that allowed him to create delicate, finely detailed images. His etchings of elegant women, often portrayed in fashionable attire or in intimate domestic scenes, became highly sought after and contributed to his reputation as a master of the genre.

    Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac, his greatest patron and author of a book about him, described Helleu as “notre subtil ami, le maître des élégances” (our subtle friend, master of elegancies).


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