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William Wynne RYLAND

(1738 – London – 1783)


Les Grâces au Bain - 1756

After François Boucher.


Etching and engraving. Watermark: dovecote.

Size of sheet: 45.5 x 30.4 cm.


Jean-Richard 1549; Le Blanc III.388.7; Nagler XIV.114.27; Portalis et Beraldi III.Part 2.417; Andresen 411.3 ; Joubert 1821 vol.III, p.32.


Very fine impression with margins around the platemark.


After a drawing in black crayon by Boucher, last sold on the market in 2011 (Artcurial S.V.V, Sale 30 March 2011, lot 90).


This print was announced in the 'Mercury' of December 1756, when the English engraver came to Paris to follow the lessons of Le Bas and Boucher.

« Cette Estampe que tous les Connoisseurs doivent s’empresser d’acheter, se trouve chez M.Boucher, au vieux Louvre, & chez Buldé, Marchand d’Estampes, rue de Gevres. » [This print, which all connoisseurs must hasten to buy, is to be found at M. Boucher's, in the old Louvre, and at Buldé's, a print-dealer, in the Rue de Gevres]

Most likely our impression was sold directly from the studio of François Boucher as indicated in the announcement, due to the lack of Buldé’s address in our impression.

William Wynne Ryland: Les Grâces au Bain

  • Ryland stayed in Paris for around five years, studying drawing under François Boucher, and engraving under Jacques Philippe Le Bas. During his stay Ryland produced several engravings after Old Masters and Boucher. On returning to England, he lived in London and excelled in the trade of engraving, becoming an engraver to the king. However, after some risky business decisions he declared bankrupt in 1771. In 1783 he was found guilty of forgery and imprisoned. Several months later he was hanged at Tyburn leaving behind a wife and six children.

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