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François Bernard LÉPICIÉ

(1698 - Paris - 1755)


La Maîtresse d'École [The School Mistress] – 1740


Engraving after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699–1779). Lettered : 'Peint par Chardin/ Gravé par Lépicié 1740/A Paris chez L. Surugue Graveur du Roy Graveur du Roy, rue des Noyers, vis-à-vis le mur de St. Yves. avec Privilege du Roy’.

Size of sheet: 24.2 x 22.7 cm.

Bocher 34 (II/III).


Beautiful impression in excellent condition.

François Bernard Lépicié: La Maîtresse d'École [The School Mistress]

  • Lépicié was Chardin’s friend and engraved several prints after the artist’s works. The printmaker held quite high position in the artistic world of Paris: he was a secretary and historiographer to the French Academy of Painting from 1736 and ended his career as a professor of history at the École des Éleves Protègés. Only a few of printmakers were admitted to join the Academy, so it was a real achievement for Lépicié, since it was only relatively recently that printmakers had been accepted as members.

    It is presumed that Chardin received some monetary reward for the sale of the prints, but no records survive to reveal exactly how much this was. However, it is certainly true that Chardin was keen to have his pictures engraved.


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