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During the period spanning from about 1870 to 1937, the art world witnessed a profound transformation in the realm of prints, characterised by innovation, experimentation, and the exploration of new techniques. This era, often referred to as the Modern Period, saw the emergence of groundbreaking movements, each leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of printmaking.

Eighteenth century France is famous for its many revolutions, including a revolution in printmaking. The increased demand for reproductive images of works of art, otherwise hidden in the Cabinets of the Grandees, and a growing interest among collectors in drawings by Old Masters as well as their contemporaries, motivated artists, printmakers and amateurs to come up with new ways to execute and present prints. 



The Comte de Caylus was an admirable and prolific etcher and exercised an extraordinary influence over every branch of art in France during the early part of the 18th century. Prints bearing his signature ‘C’ are rare for Caylus had the habit of polishing his plates after a few prints had been taken. We present 21 out of 24 plates from his Set of Figures Invented by Watteau, which Caylus executed before 1728.



Most of works presented are Artist’s proofs. Whaite painted throughout his life but he is best known as a highly accomplished printmaker.