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(1877 Nantes – 1943 Kerfalher)


Dans les dunes - 1927

Etching and aquatint. Signed and numbered 54/55. Edition of 55. With dry stamp of the editor Henri Petiet, Paris.

Size of sheet: 24.5 x 32.3 cm.

Laboureur 347.


Provenance: From the collection of Henri M. Petiet, then by descend (Lugt 2021a).


Beautiful impression in thin paper.



Jean-Emile Laboureur: Dans les dunes

  • Jean-Émile Laboureur was a prominent French artist known for his diverse body of work encompassing printmaking, painting, illustration, and even sculpture. Laboureur's prints often featured scenes of everyday life in Paris, capturing the energy and vitality of the city in a style that was both modern and timeless. He had a keen eye for composition and a mastery of line, which he used to create works that were both visually striking and emotionally resonant. Throughout his career, Laboureur received numerous awards and honors for his artistic achievements, including the Grand Prix de Rome in 1905 and the Grand Prix de la Gravure in 1925. His work is represented in major museums and collections around the world, attesting to his lasting impact on the art world.

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