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Manuel ROBBE

(1872 - Paris – 1936)


Bretonnes se rendant à l'église [Breton women near the church] – c.1900


Etching and colour aquatint. Signed and numbered. Framed. Edition of less than 100. 

Size of sheet: 58 x 49.


Provenance: Dr. Ronan Taburet (1926-2022) (his stamp verso).


Exhibited: Cent ans d’estampes en Bretagne, Le Faouët, 1998 ;

                      Before and After Gauguin, Atlanta, 2008.


Manuel Robbe: Breton women near church

  • Robbe’s education began at the prestigious Lycée Condorcet school in Paris. Here, he received instruction from engraver Lois Legrand (1863-1951). Later his artistic education would continue at the Académie Julian art school and the eminent École des Beaux-Arts. It was at the latter that he came under the tutelage of Eugène Delâtre (1864-1938). In the beginning of his career, Robbe began to incorporate many innovative etching techniques into his artwork, such as, the sugar-lift, aquatint and “à la poupee.” Whilst Robbe did produce some paintings, his career was predominantly devoted to the production and experimentation of engravings.

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