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1859 Vannes – 1927 Paris


À Quatre Mains [Four Hands] (Ellen Helleu and her grandmother playing piano) - 1896


Drypoint. Signed in pencil. Edition of 100. With full margins.

Size of sheet:  59.4 x 44 cm.


Provenance: Merrill Chase Gallery (Label and Certificate of Authenticity).



Paul César Helleu: À Quatre Mains [Four Hands]

  • Helleu epitomises the Belle Époque artist of fin de siècle in Paris with his elegant portraits of beautiful women. However, his favourite models were his wife, Alice, whom he met when commissioned to paint her portrait when she was only fourteen, and whom he married two years later, and his children.

    Helleu's prints were very delicate creations. The combination of the drypoint medium and his own good draftsmanship resulted in works which are gracefully descriptive and yet display a remarkable economy of line. 


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