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Active 1780s-1790s, France


Le Modèle Disposé [The Willing Model] - c.1795


Engraving in colour au pointillé after Derosier. Size of sheet: 24.6 x 19.9 cm.


Bocher, 1875, 34 (under Baudouin, Le Modele Honnete), p.36.


Richly inked impression on wove paper trimmed to the printed outer border line.



Provot after Derosier: Le Modèle Disposé

  • There are several versions of this print: the earlier made around 1780 and then in mid-1790s. The present impression belongs to the later version, where both the artist and his model are not wearing wigs. This principal difference relates to the change in fashion  in France. 



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