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Vadim Dmitrievich FALILEEV

1879 Penza – 1950 Rome


The View of the Volga River – 1927


Colour linocut. Signed with monogram and dated on block. Signed in pencil.

Size of sheet: 37.1 x 29 cm.



Vadim Dmitreivich Falileev: The View of the Volga River

  • Falileev was one of the most important Russian engravers of the first quarter of the 20th century. The heyday of the artist is in the middle of the 1910s when, after two academic trips to Europe, he settled in the village of Kenchurka, near the Volga River, where he worked and lived continuously for two years. He worked with different printing techniques from black and white engravings to coloured etchings, coloured linocuts, and woodcuts. Falileev participated in different avant-guard exhibitions in Russia, such as the "World of Art" (1921), the Union of Russian Artists (1906), the "Fire-bird" society exhibition (1923), the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AHRR, 1924) etc. 

    In 1923 Falileev with his wife and daughter had gone through Riga to Stockholm, two years later, they moved to Berlin, where he lived until 1938, then settled in Rome. 

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